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 Bujin Discussion

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Princess Hyakka

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PostSubject: Bujin Discussion   Bujin Discussion I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2014 6:38 pm

Table of Contents
Chapter I: The Legend
Chapter II: The Cards
Chapter III: The Deck
Chapter IV: Combos & Explanation

Chapter I: The Legend

Once, there was a Kami (god) named Susanowo, who once dwelled in the heavenly realm of Takama-ga-hara, alongside many other Kami. He was proud and had great power. But unfortunately, his power was so great that many other Kami became jealous and schemed against him. They cast suspicion on him, inciting the wrath of the Supreme Kami against Susanowo. The Supreme Kami banished him to the surface and his power was sealed in the five "Bujingi", which were scattered across the surface world.

Bujingi Wolf formed his helmet, and also his arm and leg armor
Bujingi Turtle formed his left shoulder pad
Bujingi Ophidian formed his wings
Bujingi Crane formed his left-handed sword
Bujingi Quilin formed his right-handed sword

Having lost most of his powers, but not yet his pride, he renamed himself Bujin (war god) Yamato, and began his long journey to regain the Bujingi. Little did the newly-christened Yamato realize that this journey would last the rest of his life. For in his journeys, he witnessed people on the surface suffering from the tyranny of the gods, and, even in his weakened state, he could not sit by and watch. This strengthened the Kamis' suspicion against him, but Yamato no longer cared for them or his past life. After having found the five Bujingi, and returning to his old strength and old name, Bujintei Susanowo swore an oath to continue his journey, traveling the entire world, and wherever there was evil, wherever the innocent would suffer, he would be there to lend a hand. Even if it meant fighting against the gods themselves.

Chapter II: The Cards

Support Cards:

Bujintei Susanowo:

Bujin Discussion Bujint10
The best Bujintei XYZ, and the best XYZ in your extra. You don't XYZ much in Bujins, but Susanowo is worth it because, just like the legend, he is a stronger and better version of Yamato. Also, you probably used at least 1 Bujingi for his summon, so since they work well while in the grave and you can add a Bujin to hand or grave, you really just did yourself a favor even if it's a minus to summon initially. He is essential to Black Garden versions of this deck that allow you to OTK.

This card is Bujin Yamato with the Bujingi armor, and is also loosely based off of the sea kami Susanoo from Shintoism.

Run 2-3

Bujintei Kagutsuchi:

Bujin Discussion Bujint11

Not near as good as Susanowo, but it is still pretty decent. The milling effect seems better on paper than it actually is in practice, since you aren't running many monsters and have likely used or searched a good amount of your Bujingi arsenal before summoning this guy. Still, it's better to have than not have. Milling a Turtle or Quillin while a monster with built in protection gains attack isn't anything to sneeze at. The second effect is what's worth running him. Kinda like a Maestroke/Zenmaines that also protects other monsters. He's a good card to both stall for time and protect from things like Mirror Force or Torrential Tribute. The funny thing is though, since since he is not Bujin specific, he's almost better in other decks than in Bujins. The milling could help out decks like Fire Kings, and the protection is also good for them (saves itself from Garunix) or anything that can run Tenki and Wolfbarks really.

Similar to how Susanowo is the more powerful version of Bujin Yamato, Kagutsuchi is the more powerful version of Bujin Mikazuchi, made by combining 5 Bujingi.

Bujingi Boar forms its armor.
Bujingi Centipede forms its wings
Bujingi Ibis forms its sword.
Bujingi Yata forms its shield.

This card is also loosely based off of the fire kami Kagu-tsuchi from Shintoism.

Run 1-2

Bujin Yamato:

Bujin Discussion Bujiny10

This is the heart and soul of the deck. It lets you search any Bujin, and then toss any card into the grave. Sometimes, you will search and then immediately pitch a Bujingi that works in grave, like Quilin, Turtle, or Centipede. Sometimes, you will search another copy of himself or a Crane or a Mikazuchi and pitch another Bujingi that works from grave. Bujin decks thrive on keeping this guy out and playing the protect the Yamato game. Plus, you need him on the board to use your Bujingi's effects. Never ever even think about running less than 3.
Important ruling: If your opponent uses Effect Veiler on Yamato, never fear! Since Veiler's ending of influence is mandatory, it will resolve first and then your optional effect of adding and pitching can be used.

This card is Bujintei Susanowo without the Bujingi armor, and is also loosely based on the legendary prince Yamato Takeru, who has been compared to King Arthur. His name means "the brave of Yamato", Yamato being the name of the Imperial dynasty of his time. So what it basically means is "the bravest man in Japan".

Run 3

Bujin Mikazuchi:

Bujin Discussion Bujinm10

Honestly, Mikazuchi's effect is almost irrelevant. His usefulness stems from the fact that he is a Beast-Warrior Bujin besides Yamato, and happens to have 100 more attack than Yamato. However, his effect IS useful in case they somehow pop Yamato. Then you are free to summon Mikazuchi, keeping your Bujingi effects live. Next turn, you will likely just use him to make Susanowo in order to search another Yamato, but his purpose has been served. Some don't run him at all, but I believe it's absolutely worth it. One of this deck's greatest weaknesses is its reliance on Yamato, so why wouldn't you try to mitigate that? And sometimes you just need something to summon. Even if you're doing great with Yamato, they can just go into setting monster mode, which IS good for you but it would be better if you could attack directly.

This card is Bujintei Kagutsuchi without the Bujingi armor, and is also loosely based on the lightning kami Takemikazuchi from Shintoism.

Run 0-2

Bujingi Crane:

Bujin Discussion Bujing10

3 searchable Honests in a deck that can already run Honest? Yes please. This card is so good, you can beat over anything and it's often not expected. Even when you search it and they know you have it, there's not many ways for them to get around that.
Important ruling: It becomes double the ORIGINAL attack. If Yamato is affected by Lance or Black Garden or whatever, his attack will be 3600. This is crucial because it allows you to OTK with Susanowo+Black Garden.

Run 3

Bujingi Quilin:

Bujin Discussion Bujing11

Sort of like a pseudo Inzektor Hornet, but not near as broken. It only targets face up cards, but in a format that will have a good amount of continous and field spells, and of course monsters, it's great for multipurpose removal

Run 2-3

Bujingi Turtle:

Bujin Discussion Bujing12

The consensus is not yet out on this card for many Bujin players. I hear many people go "Oh no, no more Heavy, 3 is staple." As useful as Turtle is, he's not near as useful as you'd THINK. Mirror Force doesn't target. Torrential Tribute doesn't target. Bottomless Trap Hole doesn't target. It can't stop Solemn Warning. Also, once you chuck it into the grave, they know it's there. They're not going to DPrison your Yamato. So even having it there unused is a tool...but it truly is not ACTIVATED that much and half of removal cards don't target. It absolutely is needed in the deck (he admittedly is part of what makes the deck), but the number of Turtles you run is up to your discretion. You might not need any more than 1. I personally think 2 is the optimal number, especially because Heavy is gone, but more importantly because of monster effects that target and get rid of Yamato.

Run 1-3

Bujingi Centipede:

Bujin Discussion Bujing13

This card, like Mikazuchi and Kagutsuchi, comes out in Shadow Spectors, so for the TCG it is not legal yet. However, it is much better in the TCG since Heavy Storm is no longer legal for some reason. Even many builds I've seen testing Mikazuchi on DN have not touched this card, but I believe a searchable, level 4 MST it is worth at least one slot in a backrow heavy format.

Run 0-2


Bujin Discussion Bujinc10

This looks like a great card at first, and guess what? It is! It's just not used as much as you would think don't spam anything in this deck. You normal summon Yamato and beat face with him while protecting him, that's about it. A 1 card Susanowo that puts a Bujingi back in grave is definitely worth a slot but it is used exclusively late game once Yamato finally bites the dust so running much more than 1 WILL clog.

The artwork shows Yamato becoming Susanowo again.

Run 1-2

Bujin Regalia - The Mirror

Bujin Discussion Bujinr10

If this card were support to any other archtype, it would be broke as F. On theme Cold Wave is extremely useful. You can even set traps, unlike with Cold Wave, you just can't activate them until the end of your opponent's next turn. But since you don't ever explode in this is NOT broke as fuck. It does lock the opponent from doing much for a turn, but you're playing the advantage game and since you're not going for game that turn, you lost advantage. I have not personally tested this card yet, and it might see play, but who knows?

The artwork shows Turtle as a mirrored shoulder pad.

Run 0-2

Bujin Regalia - The Sword

Bujin Discussion Bujinr11

Get Yamato back, or send a Bujingi back if you really need it. Kind of a slow Warrior Returning Alive. WRA is usually sub par, but as important as Yamato is for winning, it's not bad really. I don't run it, but it's not bad if you tech a copy. But neither will I say only run 1 because running 3 makes it a little more powerful. Ultimately though, I believe Call of the Haunted is a far better choice since you actually summon Yamato back.

The artwork shows Quilin becoming a sword.

Run 0-3

Chapter III: The Deck

Kaiser Coliseum Bujin:

Monsters: 15

3x Bujin Yamato
3x Bujingi Crane
2x Bujingi Turtle
2x Bujingi Quilon
2x Bujin Mikazuchi
1x Bujingi Centipede
1x Honest
1x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear

Spells: 15

3x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Pot of Duality
2x Fire Formation - Tenki
2x Kaiser Coliseum
2x Forbidden Dress
1x Raigeki
1x Book of Moon
1x Bujincarnation

Traps: 10

2x Vanity's Emptiness
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Solemn Warning
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

Extra: 15

1x Constellar Ptolemy M7
2x Bujintei Susanowo
2x Bujintei Kagutsuchi
1x Constellar Omega
1x Starliege Paladynamo
1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1x Number 50 - Blackship of Corn
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Exciton Knight
1x Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

Other Techs:

Black Garden
Forbidden Lance
The Big Cattle Drive
Call of the Haunted
Mirror Force
Horn of the Phantom Beast
Bujin Regalia - The Sword

Since some of these cards (Mikazuchi, Centipede, Kagutsuchi) are still OCG only for about a month, you will have to replace them. I'd run another copy each of Turtle and Quilin in the main, and a third Forbidden Dress/Lance instead of Centipede. Kagutsuchi it doesn't matter what you replace him with as he isn't that important to begin with.

Chapter IV: Combos & Explanation

The playstyle of this deck can be somewhat likened to a mix between Blackwings and Evilswarm. It is similar to Blackwings with the Kalut-like hand trap (Crane) and Shura-like beater that can search others in the archtype (Yamato). The difference is, Blackwings have way more backup plans, and Bujins have a way more consistent way of searching and using the searched cards without summoning them. Because of that, you need to protect the one card that is generating you so much advantage, like Evilswarms. It is very much Yamato or bust with this deck, and the same could be said about Evilswarms and Ophion.

As far as combos go, there is not much complicated here. You search for Yamato as fast as possible if you haven't drawn him first turn already, then normal summon him and protect him with Bujingi that you will search. Control the field with removal traps and prevent your opponent from doing anything in the first place with continous cards like Vanity's Emptiness and Kaiser Coliseum. It is very much a stun deck.

Speaking of Kaiser Coliseum, you could also opt to play a version with 2-3 Black Garden, it runs very similar to this build, but different at the same time. With Black Garden, you have lots of combos with Susanowo.

1. Normal a Bujingi with Yamato on the field or use Bujincarnation, opponent gets a token.
2. XYZ Susanowo, opponent gets another token.
3. Attack a token with Susanowo
4. Use Crane to double his original attack, bringing him to 4800, 4000 damage
5. The attack gain was just for that battle, but now he is back to 2400
6. Attack again with his effect for 1600, or if you have another Crane, 4000 again

If there are more tokens already on the field, the more damage you inflict. This combo, even if you don't OTK, is the main strength of Black Garden. Like Colisseum, it also hinders the opponent doing much since they'd have to summon something with over 3600 attack to even equal Yamato, and even then, you have 3 Cranes and an Honest.

I truly believe it doesn't make much of a difference if you play Coliseum or Garden. You will do well with both, and I am a big fan of Black Garden. But I will tell you why I tend to be gravitating toward Coliseum more.

1. It is not a field spell

I think it's a good mechanic that if a new field spell is activated, the old one is destroyed. But it is oh so annoying when it happens to you. It is straight up a minus. There are a good amount of decks that use field spells too. Dragunities, Dragon Rulers (in builds that also use Ravine), Prophecy, Madolches, Dark World, Chain Beat, Harpies, Gravekeepers, even the occasional Vampires are all decks that are good this format and will be used to some extent. Of course, having a field spell also put YOU at an advantage when you can minus THEM, and they probably need their field spell a lot more than you need yours. And yet, I still don't like it because they don't need their field to be there long to gain them advantage. I do.

For an example, Dragunities. I summon Yamato, activate Black Garden, then search Crane and pitch Turtle at the end phase. Nice first turn right? But then the Dragunity player activates Dragon Ravine, minusing me and making activating my field spell useless, then pitches Phalanx to search Dux, summons Dux, then ladder synchros into Colossal Fighter. Umad Crane?

Contrast this with if I had activated Kaiser Coliseum. Not much Dragunity man can do. If he was somehow able to use Akyls+Legionnaire first turn, Turtle would negate. If he did the Dux move, he could leave Phalanx equipped and have a 1900 Dux, or use Mystletainn, but I have Crane. Even if I didn't have Crane, he can't special Phalanx AFTER he attacks. So he just has a little bit of a beater to show for his turn.

2. It prevents the opponent from doing anything in the first place, instead of just weakening their monsters. They can't synchro or XYZ, it's that simple. They could still go into, for example, Scrap Dragon and pop Black Garden. It did it's job still, but it only weakened 1 monster on 1 turn, instead of forcing them to draw MST or lose.

Similarly, there are pros and cons to running Forbidden Lances or Forbidden Dresses. Dress has better protection, since it also stops monster effects, but aside from like Black Rose Dragon, Turtle should have effects covered. Lance protects almost as well, and is better when used offensively. Then again, you have 4 Honest, so you might not need much help there.

Strengths of Bujins:
1. Has crazy searching ability
2. Easily creates soft locks that are easily replaceable
3. The deck is completely unaffected by commonly used cards that can cripple other meta decks (Vanity's Emptiness, Maxx "C", Effect Veiler, etc.)
4. Simplicity of use, hard to misplay

Weaknesses of Bujins:
1. Your strategy falls apart quickly if the opponent finds a way to kill Yamato and you don't have another or a Mikazuchi
2. Deck does not play catch up well
3. Not that hard to side against (Prohibition, Deck Lockdown, etc.)
4. Simplicity of use, easy to predict

Despite the simplicity of this deck, I believe it has potential to be Tier 1, especially in this slower format. It is a well-designed archtype too as far as unfairness of cards go, and also Konami can easily kill it whenever they want to if it gets too popular. Just limit or even semi Yamato. Boom the deck is dead. But I don't see that happening any time soon or at all, they would likely just hit Crane if they got too good. As Bujins stand now, they have a decent matchup against a lot of different decks and very few bad matchups, but neither are they super broken. The combos with this deck are easy to figure out, but take skill to know when to use at times.
I hope this guide was helpful to you and you will enjoy winning with Bujins Smile
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Bujin Discussion
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