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 Deck Building

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PostSubject: Deck Building   Deck Building I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2014 9:46 am

Deck Building Kitsun10
Deck Building

As many players struggle to build a decent deck, I decided to make a guide on “Deck Building”. And before I explain you anything. You have to remember three golden rules:

- Balance -
- Synergy -
- Effectiveness -

Every following calculation assumes that you use a 40 card deck, which I recommend you to do, but I will explain why in the end

Your deck must have a certain balance of monster, spell and trap cards. Of course it always variates from deck to deck. But try to keep the ratio 20/20. That means 20 monster cards and 20 S/T cards. That means 50-50%. Some decks can handle a ratio of 15/25 and 10/30 (37,5-62,5% and 25-75%), but I do not recommend it. But what does it mean? It means that with a ratio of 20/20 you will have 50% monster cards and 50% S/T cards in your hand and so on. With a more unstable ratio like 15/25 or 10/30, you will have either 62,5% or 75% monster or S/T cards in your hand. If it is the goal of your deck to accomplish such ratio, it is fine, but if not, please try to maintain a ratio of 20/20.

The chances of opening with a certain card or searching it out during your first turn are the following:

If you start second:
1 copy used within a 40 cards deck: 15%
2 copies used within a 40 cards deck: 28,07%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck: 39,43%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 1 searcher: 49,25%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 2 searcher: 57,71%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 3 searcher: 64,96%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 4 searcher: 71,14%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 5 searcher: 76,39%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 6 searcher: 80,81%

If you start first:
1 copy used within a 40 cards deck: 12,5%
2 copies used within a 40 cards deck: 23,71%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck: 33,75%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 1 searcher: 42,70%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 2 searcher: 50,66%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 3 searcher: 57,71 %
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 4 searcher: 63,93%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 5 searcher: 74,17%
3 copies used within a 40 cards deck + 6 searcher: 78,34%

Cards within your deck must work together. Each card has to work with as many other cards as possible. And if possible create synergy and not negative synergy. At least try to break even. Synergy is when 1 + 1 = 3. That means out of a combination of two cards you can get three new cards, or they remain and you get only one card. But in either case you get a + 1. An additional card. For example Madolche Anjelly. You tribute her and special summon Madolche Hootcake. Then Hootcake banishes her and summons Madolche Messengelato and Messengelato searches Ticket. That is synergy. Negative synergy occurs when you waste a bunch of cards in order to summon a single monster. And break even means you lost one card and you gained one card. So you went + 0. Synergy can also occur if you create negative synergy, but with it you manage to force your opponent to lose so many cards that for example you wasted - 1 card, but he lost - 2. If this happens, you get + 1 out of it, because (-1) - (-2) = 1. That also means you can create synergy by making your opponent lose cards. So even if you break even, but your opponent lost something, it means synergy occurred or if your negative synergy caused the opponent to lose even more cards than you, then synergy have occured as well.

Now let us talk about the effectiveness of a single card. If we talk about the effectiveness of a single card, we talk about four things:

1/Field presence:
Every card has a certain field presence. And there we distinguish between passive field  presence and active presence. Passive field presence can be created if a card can protect itself and hinder your opponent with its effect to establish his field presence. Passive field presence can also be created with backrow, spell cards and  monster effects supporting you and your monsters. Active field presence is created when a card damages your opponent directly by destroying his field presence or his life points. Every card in the game can establish a field presence. The question is only for how long. For example Mystical Space Typhoon can establish a momentary field presence. A real monster or a continues S/T card can establish a long term field presence.

2/Level of use:
The level of use is determined with how many other cards one card can work and how good it is by itself (field presence).

The flexibility of a single card depends on how easy and how often you can use it. But here is the cost of use only secondary important to how many times and when it can be used. Although the cost of the use also affects the possible synergy of the card and its level of use, it does not affect its flexibility directly. It only affects it partly, because the higher the cost the more material you must have in order to pay for it and the more material you have to pay for a single play, the less material have your other cards left to work with. So basically it affects the flexibility and synergy.

The speed of a card depends on the time when you can use it and how fast. Can I use it during my opponents turn? Do I have to wait until I can use it? What do I need in order to use it? The faster you can use a card, the better it is.

A good card should have a good field presence, have a high level of use, be flexible and be fast. Always consider those points when judging the effectiveness of a card.

Now let us proceed to the actual deck building. Do not worry this is the easy part. When you want to build a deck, simply take an archetype or make up your own idea and build your deck by following these three golden rules above. But always follow the strategy of your deck and do not add cards, which are just good. Every single card within your deck is like a piece of a big puzzle. Only if you follow the concept of your deck, you can create a picture. But do not forget. Your deck must have a certain win condition. A win condition is a way to win the duel. Your deck must consist out of 40 cards and not more. Only a few decks can handle more than 40 cards. The more cards you use, the harder it is for them to work with each other. And the harder it will be for you to draw the cards you need. Why? Well...what is more possible? To draw a single card you need out of 40 or out of 999? By following the rules above you can easily avoid dead draws and empty fields (if you do not spam around like crazy). Just never forget to be patient and attentive while building your deck and dueling in general.

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Deck Building
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