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 AngelGirl's Results

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(memento) kagerosa

(memento) kagerosa

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AngelGirl's Results Empty
PostSubject: AngelGirl's Results   AngelGirl's Results I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 7:35 pm

Alrighty, so you made it into the sorcerer dorm with your score of 77, nice job Smile we hope you play again for a chance at the grand mage dorm ^^ Here's how your score broke down:

Names: (Memento) Kagerosa vs. [Girls] AngelGirl
Decks: IceBarrier vs. Warriors

Result: 0/10 because I (2-0) you in the match

Consistency: 10/15 because although I didn't see much, in both duels you were able to summon xyz's on every turn you got.
Synergy: 10/10 as your cards effectively worked together
Extra: 10/10 because it was complete and appropriate

Card Utilization: 8/10 because you used your cards well, but I didn't see enough due to the span of our duels
Concentration: 10/10, you made no misplays
Control: 4/10 because you weren't in control very much, and were afraid to attack me with your xyz's.
Siding: 10/10
Respect: 15/15

So, 0+10=10+10=20+10=30+8=38+10=48+4=52+10=62+15=77

So congratulations once again ^^
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AngelGirl's Results
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